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Several RS-232 interfaces allow a variety of speeds depending on the hardware available. Using e.g. a SuperCPU many interfaces will be able to transfer at 38400, 57600 and even 115200 baud. Lower speeds usually are no handicap and sometimes enhance reliability when using straight nullmodem transfers without much of an error protocol. Commercial and non-commercial interfaces somehow supported by the software related to the Retro Replay series will be noted as such on the articles but we have to note that our main interest is pointing towards properly working network support and this category may lack a lot.

  • SilverSurfer requires the infamous clock port to connect to the C64
  • Turbo232 and SwiftLink can both be changed on the IO page they occupy so compatibility with Retro Replay Hardware, Super Snapshot and other hardware can be achieved - software compatibility is a different issue.
  • RS232 Cable.txt contains schematics for likely the most compatible cable - you want that with proper shielding as well.


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