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Parallel Cable
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Parallel cables became popular with Speed DOS and luckily there are some good resources on the net explaining how to add such a cable to your own drive. Basically it can be added to 1541, 1541C, 1541-II, 1570, 1571 and Oceanic OC-118 / OC-118N drives and will speed up data transfer to the C64 or C128 tremendously when being software supported. A few programs and quite some backup tasks require a Speed DOS compatible parallel cable while some other programs were written for Dolphin DOS where the cable was changed slightly with version 2 and became incompatible. Other speeders requiring a parallel cable of some kind may be covered at Kernal ROMs.

Formel 64 also had a parallel cable mounted directly to the cartridge but the cable was to our knowledge only supported by the internal cartridge software. Formel 64 is still missing! :)

A drive with a parallel cable added may also well serve for faster transfers to the PC using e.g. StarCommander or NIBtools and an appropriate interface (XM-1541 comes to mind here).

Most tasks faced on a C64 system may very well be defeated without a parallel cable especially since nowadays defacto kernal rom speeder is the serially working JiffyDOS. The cable however can be an excellent aid and when combined with a RAM Expansion Unit you will not want to ever miss it again on any disk backup.

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