C128 Reset Bug

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C128 Reset Bug is described by many people as the behaviour of the Retro Replay when resetting a C128. This bug is featured on all Retro Replay editions (read: all colors).

The Problem

A C128 by nature has a built-in reset button. When inserting a C64 cartridge into the C128 expansion slot the user (at least since the late 80s) expects that the cartridge is started. This is the case when powering up a C128 with about any cartridge we came across. The Retro Replay jumps into C128 mode though and the user is forced to hold the COMMODORE key whenever resetting the C128 to jump to C64 mode. This has further implications with original Action Replay cartridge roms since they jump to the fastloader skipping the reset menu when holding the COMMODORE key during reset.

The original Action Replay always went into C64 mode regardless of the internal C128 button or the cartridge reset button being used. The Final Cartridge III designers have choosen the most intelligent path: A cartridge reset jumps into C64 mode while the internal C128 reset button goes for the C128 mode keeping the COMMODORE key option valid.

Software solution

The rather unsatisfying solution was to move the key that skips the cartridge menu into fastloader from COMMODORE to RUN/STOP. However, for C128 owners that results into holding COMMODORE and RUN/STOP at the same time during reset when actually desiring to go into fastload mode directly. COMMODORE plus RUN/STOP equals into LOAD and PRESS PLAY ON TAPE and another RUN/STOP key press. Annoying is not the right word to describe this situation.

Hardware Solution

Skern - famous on the C64 community for his hardware hacking - has developed a patch which changes the Retro Replay reset behaviour to act like a Final Cartridge III on C128 computers. The C64 reset behaviour doesn't change.

Future Software Solutions

For ages our plans include to make this configurable. More time will tell.

Missing notes

Behaviour of MMC64, MMC Replay and Chameleon on C128 reset issue.